Monday, January 22, 2007

Toyota FT-HS

Toyota revealed it's FT-HS Hybrid Concept at the Detroit Auto Show this year. If the real car is actually made and looks anything like this, I'm prepared to take extreme measures to have one. That is if they change the name.

Toyota envisions that punch to be a rear-wheel-drive Hybrid Sports Concept (HSC) that develops 400 horsepower. ..."Eco and emotion in a sports car concept with a performance target of 0-60 mph in about 4 seconds and a price tag in the mid-$30,000 range."
Game over Ford and GM.

On a side note; although I'm slightly irritated by the gratuitous form over function Star Wars interiors on concept vehichles, this steering wheel is the coolest thing I’ve seen since…well the iPhone.

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Rashard said...

Thaaat is an awesome car! A little premature to say the end of ford and GM folks will always love the trucklike grumble ford and GM cars are known for.

Very sexy and it is a ford

Rice is nice though. I hope that supralike thing can hit 35+ mpg, if it cant I dont see it stealing all the biz from the mustang Gt, doge challenger, and the new camaro, and a corvette will always be a corvette.

ford/gm game over? a little premature in my opinion.

Maybe I dont want to hear it being a Mustang owner, we can be real knuckle heads insisting that early 90's fox bodies had good handling. when we know we can kill in a stoplight drag race but not much of anywhere else

I am biased though The only import i have ever owned was an 05 altima, it was nice but "Meh" incomparison even an old modified 84 LeSaber I owned. Which although it had a gm 455 cu monster under the hood and a fine tuned front end, a smaller lighter 20yr younger car should out perform that old beast with no problem. The altima did get much better gas milage though :)

I should do some real work now. :P