Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apple Design

The iPhone and the new Airport Extreme got me thinking about the depth of Apple's design team. Particularly the new iPhone really is a testimite to the design capabilities of Apple Inc. (not Apple Computers Inc. as of yesterday). I thought I'd take a second to give some recognition to Jonathan Ive. He is one of my design heros and is commony overlooked or unknown behind the shadow of Steve Jobs and Apple itself. He is the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple and is the design visionary behind All of the iMacs, the iPod, Powerbook, iSub (awesome product), Cinema Displays, Mac Mini, G4 Cube and others. I read this quote from Philippe Spruch founder of LaCie yesterday and I thought of him specifically.

It's not that Apple design is better or worse than the design of the Sony Vaio. But you feel that it's part of the DNA. They are crazy about every detail, and you feel that. Today, many more companies invest in design, but they do it because they are forced to, not because they like it, and I think you can feel that in their products.

That's what many people can't put their finger on that makes Apple so cool.

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