Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Every NES game ever made...ever

This is ridiculous, but it's what the internet is all about. With 3 days left on this auction for 670 original Nintendo Entertainment System games it is currently at $20,800.

NES (or any other antiquated technology) fanatics are funny. Maybe it's just me, but After seeing XBox 360, PS3, or pretty much any game made in the last 5 years, NES games just seems like watching 70's special effects. It was cool at the time, It's not cool anymore. Novelty aside, I just don't understand, especially for how much money this is going to end up fetching.

Having said that, props to sonyabscott who got his hands on all of these (some of which are very hard to find) and of course for his wonderful positive eBay feedback.

He should however have a warning on his auction that those with asthma should not bid. It's going to be hard enough for someone with healthy lungs to muster up enough wind to blow out all of those cartridges.

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