Monday, July 16, 2007

Balmer was right

And by right, I mean embarasingly wrong.
One in Three Americans Wants an iPhone

Thirty-two percent of those surveyed who do not currently own an iPhone stated that they do intend to purchase one, with 8 percent planning to purchase in the next three months and 22 percent planning to purchase "some time in the future" the researchers said.
And just a reminder as to what Mr. Balmer so confidently said.

Not only did they spend $600 on a phone, but they're happy they did. USA Today wrote:
In one of the first such studies, 90% of 200 owners said they were “extremely” or “very” satisfied with their phone. […] The findings are “pretty much off the charts,” says Jason Kramer, Interpret’s chief strategy officer.
Also worty of note. It seems from early numbers that nearly half of new iPhone purchasers are switching from other carriers. That's huge! In one week Apple helped AT-T convert 250,000 users, a third of which paid nearly $150 to break a contract. Imagine how many are waiting for their contracts to end or for a V2 iPhone.

Thanks Stacey.

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