Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Now that I've ripped Sony, allow me to praise them for a bit. Second only to Apple, Sony makes the best computer hardware right now. To continue this reputation, their new VAIO G has a host of features that make it the new ultra portable to beat.

The 12.1" display VAIO G actually beat Apple to the Solid State Disk (SSD) storage with a 32 GB SSD that has been rumored lately to be in a new ultra mobile MacBook. This is probably the most significant feature not only because of it's weight reduction (the G weighs in at just under 2 lbs) but because of the speed of SSD storage over hard drive based storage and much lower power consumption. The G notebook gets an amazing 6 hrs of battery life, if the Sony battery doesn't blow up that is.

Other features include: a carbon fiber shell (not the fake Acer kind), Wireless, Bluetooth, multicard reader, and your choice of a Celeron or Core Solo processor. There is also the option of a DVD burner and 6 cell battery which provides an unbelievable 12 hrs of battery life.

In the ultra portable realm the Lenovo X Series has always been my favorite, but the new Sony G is the new hotness. It's far to early to say that the G is better at this time, but it's surely worth watching. They're both overpriced but with the addition of SSD on the new models the G is in the nearly unobtainable stratosphere at nearly $2300 for the base model. But hey, I'm wiling to buy pretty much anything with carbon fiber.

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