Wednesday, February 7, 2007

10 Windows Vista Myths

This article from Tech Republic addresses 10 myths about Windows Vista. There's been a lot of speculation and hate'n (FUD) going on. Some of the points are scetchy, but it's a good read if your not to familiar with Vista except through the media.

These areas are addressed:
  • Myth #1: You'll have to buy a new, high-end PC to run Vista
  • Myth #2: Vista will solve all your security problems
  • Myth #3: Vista is no more secure than XP SP2
  • Myth #4: The only thing new about Vista is the eye candy
  • Myth #5: You can't dual boot Vista with another operating system
  • Myth #6: Vista requires (or includes) Office 2007
  • Myth #7: Most old applications and peripherals won't work with Vista
  • Myth #8: You have to buy a Premium version of Vista if you have a dual core machine
  • Myth #9: You won't be able to play ripped music in Vista
  • Myth #10: Vista costs a lot more than XP

My additional points:

#1 - No you don't, but you should.

#7 - Not most, but many common titles have issues, such as: Adobe Creative Suite, iTunes, File Maker Pro, MS Money, Visual Studio, Real VNC, Thunderbird and many more. Although much of the compatibility of these products depends on the Third Parties themselves the simple fact is they have problems. And who's to blame for the Microsoft titles? If your printer doesn't work, get a new one, they're $80.

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